Exercises For Scoliosis

At-Home Scoliosis Therapy

Scoliosis Conditioning is a comprehensive, research based, therapist and doctor approved program designed to help your patients manage curve progression and provide pain relief.

Scoliosis Conditioning: A Curve-Specific Program

Scoliosis Conditioning came from my years of experience working as a yoga therapist with adults and teens with scoliosis and identifying a need for a comprehensive program that was curve-specific.

Many of my clients went to see doctors for their condition, and many doctors were unsure what to recommend if their patients were not in the range of a surgery candidate.

Even when a doctor is aware of effective alternatives to surgery, most of the these methods involve complex instruction and equipment not readily available to most people.

Scoliosis Conditioning is a comprehensive program designed for at-home practice, with easy-to-understand guidance. Our exercises for scoliosis focus on strengthening the curve (convex) side and stretching the compressed (concave) side. We have also included breath work and restorative poses to address the nervous system, making it a complete practice.

Why Recommend Exercises for Scoliosis?

Many people are unaware that they even have scoliosis. Most people do not have time to address something that is not currently causing pain or interfering with their lives.

Research has shown that scoliotic curves tend to progress over time. Curve progression can affect people’s quality of life and ability to work later in life.

Often when the condition is not addressed earlier in life, the patient suddenly has an onset of pain in middle age, and sometimes spinal or lung conditions as a result of scoliosis.

If doctors can start to recommend exercises for scoliosis before the patient is in pain or in need of surgery, then they are offering their patients tools to manage curve progression, giving people a sense of agency when it comes to their scoliosis.

Benefits of At-Home Exercises For Scoliosis

A recent study showed that young adults during the pandemic who were given an at-home program for their condition had similar results in terms of improvement as those who worked with a supervised group.

Why is that? This could have something to do with compliance. An at-home program is more cost-effective, and you can save time on travel. However, we do not underestimate the benefit of working privately with a therapist. Therefore, at Scoliosis Conditioning we recommend that the patient do the program at home, and check in periodically with the supervision of a trained scoliosis therapist.

In addition, people with scoliosis can experience psychological distress. Physical exercise can help with symptoms like depression and anxiety. With an at-home program, we are helping people help themselves.

Scoliosis Conditioning exercises for scoliosis give people a sense of agency when it comes to their scoliosis.

Find The Right Program For Your Patient

We’ve created 4 different comprehensive programs that are specifically tailored to the individual’s curve pattern.

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What People are saying…

Gabriella Barnstone is the reason I stand straighter, have less pain, a stronger, flexible body. I am not exaggerating.

Gabriella’s approach gives a whole new meaning to yoga therapy. Gabriella’s deep understanding of anatomy distinguishes her practice from other practitioners. She is smart, creative, and caring. What else could you ask for?

Carlotta Jacobson
President, Cosmetic Executive Women

You are an excellent instructor and have deep knowledge of the content.

You have provided so many exercises that I have benefited from. I plan to continue with them as I can truly feel a huge difference. Thank you for all of these videos and fantastic exercises.

Pamela Detrow

Gabriella…I wanted to thank you once again and tell you how much you have helped me to achieve some of my goals.

It really has been a pleasure working with you and that comes from someone who generally views structured exercise as a burden. You are a wonderful teacher and time spent with you finds me fully engaged. I’m SO happy I signed on with you.

Joann Eckstut
founder of THE ROOMWORKS

Meet Gabriella

I am a certified yoga therapist who spent years working alongside doctors, helping to treat their patients with various spinal conditions. With every client I see I do a thorough intake and assessment, read all relevant doctor reports, and speak with their doctors if necessary. I am a firm believer in the collaborative nature of healthcare in order to provide the best outcomes for the patient.

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