Strengthen, Lengthen, Rest

A Scoliosis Program for Your Curve Pattern



Scoliosis Conditioning

Scoliosis Conditioning is a new, doctor and therapist approved scoliosis program that you can do at home. Each series focuses on strengthening, stretching, and relaxation, and is carefully designed for your specific curve pattern.

These programs can help manage curve progression, provide pain relief from scoliosis, and build strength. You will come away with a better understanding of your body, feel strong and resilient.



Curve Pattern

Scoliosis therapy must be specific to the individual. That’s why we have tailored our scoliosis therapy plans around your curve pattern. We have carefully designed four sequences based on the most common curve patterns: Levo lumbar (lower left), dextro thoracic (upper right), thoraco-lumbar dextroscoliosis (C curve to the right), and Levo lumbar/dextro thoracic (S Curve). This is why it is imperative to understand your curve pattern before choosing a program.

Unsure of exactly what curve pattern you have? 
Please refer to our FAQ section for more information on how to be sure.

What People Are Saying…

I am really happy to say that the lumbar spine work is absolutely amazing.

I had discomfort and there was a huge relief on the 2nd day itself. This is such a God-sent programme. Thank you very very much.

Karuna Sagari
Director, Bhakti Natya Niketan

You are an excellent instructor and have deep knowledge of the content.

You have provided so many exercises that I have benefited from. I plan to continue with them as I can truly feel a huge difference. Thank you for all of these videos and fantastic exercises.

Pamela Detrow

Gabriella Barnstone is the reason I stand straighter, have less pain, a stronger, flexible body. I am not exaggerating.

Gabriella’s approach gives a whole new meaning to yoga therapy. Gabriella’s deep understanding of anatomy distinguishes her practice from other practitioners. She is smart, creative, and caring. What else could you ask for?

Carlotta Jacobson
President, Cosmetic Executive Women

Gabriella…I wanted to thank you once again and tell you how much you have helped me to achieve some of my goals.

It really has been a pleasure working with you and that comes from someone who generally views structured exercise as a burden. You are a wonderful teacher and time spent with you finds me fully engaged. I’m SO happy I signed on with you.

Joann Eckstut
founder of THE ROOMWORKS
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